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Diseases and Conditions (D)

  1. Dandruff

  2. Daytime sleepiness (See: Daytime sleepiness, also known asNarcolepsy)

  3. DCIS (See: DCIS, also known asDuctal carcinoma in situ (DCIS))

  4. DDH (See: DDH, also known asHip dysplasia)

  5. De Quervain tenosynovitis

  6. Decreased tear production (See: Decreased tear production, also known asDry eyes)

  7. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

  8. Deficient color vision (See: Deficient color vision, also known asColor blindness)

  9. Degenerative arthritis (See: Degenerative arthritis, also known asOsteoarthritis)

  10. Dehydration

  11. Delayed ejaculation

  12. Delayed gastric emptying (See: Delayed gastric emptying, also known asGastroparesis)

  13. Delayed sleep phase

  14. Delirium

  15. Dementia

  16. Dementia, frontotemporal (See: Dementia, frontotemporal, also known asFrontotemporal dementia)

  17. Dementia, Lewy body (See: Dementia, Lewy body, also known asLewy body dementia)

  18. Dementia, vascular (See: Dementia, vascular, also known asVascular dementia)

  19. Dengue fever

  20. Dengue hemorrhagic fever (See: Dengue hemorrhagic fever, also known asDengue fever)

  21. Dependence, nicotine (See: Dependence, nicotine, also known asNicotine dependence)

  22. Depersonalization-derealization disorder

  23. Depression (major depressive disorder)

  24. Depression, postpartum (See: Depression, postpartum, also known asPostpartum depression)

  25. Depression, teen (See: Depression, teen, also known asTeen depression)

  26. Dermatitis

  27. Dermatitis, atopic (See: Dermatitis, atopic, also known asAtopic dermatitis (eczema))

  28. Dermatitis, cercarial (See: Dermatitis, cercarial, also known asSwimmer's itch)

  29. Dermatitis, contact (See: Dermatitis, contact, also known asContact dermatitis)

  30. Dermatitis, scratch (See: Dermatitis, scratch, also known asNeurodermatitis)

  31. Dermatitis, seborrheic (See: Dermatitis, seborrheic, also known asSeborrheic dermatitis)

  32. Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans

  33. Dermatographia (Dermatographism)

  34. Dermatographism (See: Dermatographism, also known asDermatographia (Dermatographism))

  35. Dermatomyositis

  36. Dermatophytosis (See: Dermatophytosis, also known asAthlete's foot)

  37. Desmoid tumors

  38. Desmoplastic small round cell tumors

  39. Detached retina (See: Detached retina, also known asRetinal detachment)

  40. Developmental dysplasia of the hip (See: Developmental dysplasia of the hip, also known asHip dysplasia)

  41. Deviated septum

  42. Devic's disease (See: Devic's disease, also known asNeuromyelitis optica)

  43. DFSP (See: DFSP, also known asDermatofibrosarcoma protuberans)

  44. Diabetes

  45. Diabetes insipidus

  46. Diabetes mellitus (See: Diabetes mellitus, also known asDiabetes)

  47. Diabetes, gestational (See: Diabetes, gestational, also known asGestational diabetes)

  48. Diabetes, type 1 (See: Diabetes, type 1, also known asType 1 diabetes)

  49. Diabetes, type 1 in children (See: Diabetes, type 1 in children, also known asType 1 diabetes in children)

  50. Diabetes, type 2 (See: Diabetes, type 2, also known asType 2 diabetes)

  51. Diabetes, type 2 in children (See: Diabetes, type 2 in children, also known asType 2 diabetes in children)

  52. Diabetic coma

  53. Diabetic hypoglycemia

  54. Diabetic ketoacidosis

  55. Diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease)

  56. Diabetic neuropathy

  57. Diabetic retinopathy

  58. Diaper rash

  59. Diarrhea

  60. Diarrhea, antibiotic-associated (See: Diarrhea, antibiotic-associated, also known asAntibiotic-associated diarrhea)

  61. Diarrhea, traveler's (See: Diarrhea, traveler's, also known asTraveler's diarrhea)

  62. Difficulty speaking (See: Difficulty speaking, also known asVoice disorders)

  63. Difficulty swallowing (See: Difficulty swallowing, also known asDysphagia)

  64. DiGeorge syndrome (22q11.2 deletion syndrome)

  65. Dilated cardiomyopathy

  66. Diphtheria

  67. Dislocated shoulder

  68. Dissecting aneurysm (See: Dissecting aneurysm, also known asAortic dissection)

  69. Dissociative disorders

  70. Diverticulitis

  71. Dizziness

  72. Double uterus

  73. Double-outlet right ventricle

  74. Down syndrome

  75. Dressler syndrome

  76. Drop foot (See: Drop foot, also known asFoot drop)

  77. Drug addiction (substance use disorder)

  78. Drug allergy

  79. Dry eyes

  80. Dry macular degeneration

  81. Dry mouth

  82. Dry skin

  83. Dry socket

  84. DSPS (See: DSPS, also known asDelayed sleep phase)

  85. DSRCT (See: DSRCT, also known asDesmoplastic small round cell tumors)

  86. Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

  87. Dumping syndrome

  88. Dunbar syndrome (See: Dunbar syndrome, also known asMedian arcuate ligament syndrome (MALS))

  89. Dupuytren contracture

  90. Dural arteriovenous fistulas

  91. Dust mite allergy

  92. DVT (See: DVT, also known asDeep vein thrombosis (DVT))

  93. Dwarfism

  94. Dysarthria

  95. Dyshidrosis

  96. Dyslexia

  97. Dysmenorrhea (See: Dysmenorrhea, also known asMenstrual cramps)

  98. Dyspareunia (See: Dyspareunia, also known asPainful intercourse (dyspareunia))

  99. Dyspepsia (See: Dyspepsia, also known asIndigestion)

  100. Dysphagia

  101. Dysphonia (See: Dysphonia, also known asVoice disorders)

  102. Dysrhythmias (See: Dysrhythmias, also known asHeart arrhythmia)

  103. Dysthymia (See: Dysthymia, also known asPersistent depressive disorder)

  104. Dystonia

  105. Dystonia, cervical (See: Dystonia, cervical, also known asCervical dystonia)

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