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Making Richer Lifes 

Why choose Bloom Medical Centre?

Superior Service

At our healthcare facility, we ensure that patients receive the highest standard of care and attention throughout their entire medical journey with us.

Working Together

We work together because we share a common goal; the betterment of our patients

Creative Solutions

We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to meet the challenges we encounter

You Come First

At Bloom Medical Center, the treatment you receive is an entirely human experience, where you are valued and cared for as a person first and foremost.


We are accountable for using our time, talent, and resources effectively for the best outcomes for our patients

The Right Answers

You can rely on our team of experts to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and the most suitable treatment plan on the very first visit.

The No.1 Clinic

Our goal is to deliver exceptional patient-centered healthcare services that prioritize quality, safety, education, and accessibility. We aspire to become the preferred healthcare provider for our communities.



Centre of Excellence - Ghana


Our work is guided by key values:

. R-espect

. E-xcellence

. S -afety

. P-rofessionalism

. E-fficiency

. C-aring

. T-eamwork

Search Diseases & Conditions

Diseases and conditions refer to abnormal states or disorders that affect the normal functioning of the body and can cause harm or discomfort to the individual.
Some common examples of diseases and conditions include infections, genetic 

Locations & Directions

We have two locations in Accra where we give the best care


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Our Services


Basic offer


Premium offer


Delux offer


Bloom Medical Centre is a not-for-profit organization.

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